to travel

The other day I sat down with a multi-year calendar to try to plan our family vacations. 

It was panic inducing.

Yes, I am fully aware that having the means and the time to travel is a privilege, but I also know how beneficial travel is in building a more unified society. The more we understand people, the better able we are to contribute to fostering a just world.

Travel is about growth and learning and building empathy.

Travel is also about experiencing beautiful and challenging new things with the people you love. And the people I love are growing up.

My oldest is a Sophomore in High School, so if I’m doing my math correctly, that guarantees us two more summers and three more spring breaks to fit in meaningful trips. And much of those breaks are already dedicated to visiting family.

That isn’t much time.

So, I need your help.

Will you please share recommendations of places to travel that will open up our world-view? Where can we go to experience the culture, learn new things, and have fun?

We’re looking both domestically and internationally, but the trips must fit a one-week time constraint. (We have two boys, ages 16 and 14, so anything is fair game!)

Let me know in the comments…where would you go?

1 thought on “to travel”

  1. What about service learning trips? Habitat for Humanity in particular has week-long experiences that are great ways to be immersed in a local place and literally get your hands dirty with the people in the community, and evenings are free for sight-seeing. They also don’t proselytize, which is always a plus.


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