what makes a miracle

What makes a miracle?

Today’s Mass reading was about the multiplication of the loaves and the fishes, one of Jesus’ most famous miracles.But what if the miracle wasn’t about Jesus making something out of nothing, but about Jesus helping us to recognize what we already have and fearlessly sharing our gifts?

Some biblical scholars suggest that, because of the women present, it is unlikely there was no food available (stereotypical, maybe, but women still tend to hold the role of primary snack packers to this day.)

If this is true, when the people were hungry, what was holding them back from sharing what was right in front of them?

My guess is that it’s the same thing that holds me back from being truly happy for the person who takes the trip I’ve been longing for, wears the cute clothes I’ve been hoping to buy, or gets the book deal that sits at the fringes of my dreams. Somebody else took the thing I wanted. What if there is not enough?

What if these women listening to Jesus were worried about pulling out their food and having it disappear before they fed their families?
Could they trust that their neighbor would share if they had an abundance?

More importantly, what is it that Jesus said to ease their fears that day?
Is he saying the same thing to us?
Are we listening?

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