what are you for?

I feel space in my brain again.
I feel joyful thoughts sidling in.
I feel breath and light and hope.

I am both amazed that one person has taken up so much of my daily thoughts over the past four years and worried that without that constant threat to my people, I will become complacent.

I was complacent before.
Before, my life was good.
Before, I was happy.
Before, I was sheltered.

Before, I served because I thought people needed my help. I did not realize that their rising would mean my rising as well, that we are saved together.

We again have space to dream of what can be. Instead of fending off attack, grasping to hold together threads as the fabric of our lives is pulled in all directions, we get to mend the rips and fashion something beautiful.

Today, we must decide what we are for.

When there is nothing to work against, it is easy to stop pushing. This space in our brains we have been given is a gift. It is an opportunity to decide exactly where we want to spend our time sharing our God-given gifts. This space allows us to identify our passion and focus our energy.

But not everybody has this space. Some people, especially people of color, people in the LGBTQ community, people fleeing violence, and people living on society’s margins, have spent their lives under constant pressure, pushing against those who question their dignity and worth. This post is not for them, but they are the ones we should be turning towards. They know what it means to keep focused and keep going at all times. If we listen, we will learn.

I listen to them, and I listen to Jesus. I am for everything Jesus espoused in life. Jesus listened to people. He formed community. He prayed daily for guidance. He healed. He loved. He reminded us that fully loving God allows us to fully love one another.

What are you for?

I am for life.
I am for every black and brown body who is seen as less than simply because of the color of their skin.
I am for every child who is crying in pain at the loss of their family at the border.
I am for every teen who believes they are not loved, especially those cast aside by the church.

As St. Catherine of Siena says, “Be Who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.” Find your purpose. Find your passion. Find what you are FOR and then set the world on fire.

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