election feels

I should be happy. It looks highly likely that “my” candidate will win the presidency, so I should be overjoyed. But I’m not. All I can see are the over 67 million people who voted for a person to lead our country (again) who has shown himself to be anything but a leader. My heart is broken.

We have so much loving work to do.

Those numbers tell me there are a lot of people in this country who are willing to devalue life in order to stay in power. You may disagree, and if you do, keep reading. What I’m feeling is not unique, so please take a minute to try and understand. I’ve been listening to your view for the past four years.

People voted for a person who supported white supremacists, putting the lives of black people in danger simply because their skin color is different.

People voted for a person who decided to knowingly separate children from their families at the border as a scare tactic to keep people fleeing violence from trying to enter our great country.

People voted for a person who appears to be trying to take away the rights of our beloved LGBTQ friends as they seek ways to safely live and be loved in this country.

People voted for a person who is okay with killing, both through the death penalty, and the lack of concern for the elderly, disabled, and sick during this pandemic.

People voted for a person who encouraged unnecessary chaos and division in our country for four years. And he is still going. There is no evidence of great fraud, yet our standing president is trying to sow distrust in the very process that keeps our country a running democracy.

It makes no rational sense, yet here we are.

If these last few years have taught me anything, it is that I have been living in a country designed for people exactly like me (white, straight, educated, faithful, middle class) which is why I thought this country was so great. I still love America, but now I know we can do better and I’m going to keep trying.

Today, a Rosary, because we could all use a little bit of Mary’s comforting love.

Tomorrow, and forever, this is a reminder to myself that good work is necessary to bring peace to our beautiful country. We know now that every voice matters. It is time to speak up.

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