Lent, Prayer

too tired to pray

I’m tired even though I’ve been getting enough sleep. I’m tired even though I’ve been intentionally taking walks in the sun each day. I’m tired even though I’ve been eating better than ever.

I’m tired because my body has finally let go of the information-rush adrenaline and has moved into an inability-to-act funk.

You’ve heard of fight, flight or freeze? We are all under stress and our bodies are trying their hardest to get us safely away.

The problem for most of us is that this virus is unfightable.

We also cannot flee. Quite the opposite in fact.

So our bodies have chosen the only response they think is possible. They are freezing, entering into hibernation mode, hiding as best they can from this unseen danger lurking in our community.

Unfortunately, we cannot sustain living in hibernation. We need to find a way to release the stress. The best way to relieve stress in our bodies is to move. Definitely do that. Dance in the kitchen, go for walks, stretch for the sky. Once you’ve done that, do the next best thing: Act.

Find something to do that matters to your life right now. Find somebody to help who needs it and share your gifts with the community.

Can you sew? Make face masks for medical professionals and your family.

Can you sing or play an instrument? Walk through your neighborhood CoronaCaroling. Or, even better, sing outside the windows of a nursing home.

Can you write? Thank a friend who works as a nurse or a doctor. Their stress isn’t from inaction, it’s from action, and they need to know we see them saving our lives. Thank your children’s teachers for working overtime as they find ways to continue educating our kids.

Don’t know what your gift is? Pray. Prayer doesn’t always feel like action, but it is. Prayer matters.

Prayer is ACTION. Prayer works. Time and again I’ve been shocked as both large and small prayers are answered right in front of my eyes.

Talking with God makes a difference. Use today to release yourself from hibernation, just for a few moments, and pray.

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