the why and the how

Are you still breathing? Good. Keep breathing. Slowly, deeply, nourishingly. Your spirit needs you right now. It needs your body and it needs your mind, working and playing together as one.

For some of us, our minds have been too busy. Typically a voracious reader, I have been unable to read more than a page at a time for over two weeks now. My focus is gone, other people’s stories not appealing at all when in the midst of my own unknown.

For others, our bodies are suffering. Sheltering in place feels like a sentence we must complete but did not earn. Gyms are closed, hiking trails too busy for distancing, our bodies are antsy for movement and action and feel caged within the walls of our homes.

And for even others, our spirits are wavering. We long for the Sacraments, not because we are told we need them, but because we really do need them. The gifts of physical presence that Jesus left for us mean something and when they are unavailable, our spirits long.

In all of this, we search for a WHY. We hope that there is a reason we are all suffering in our own small or large ways at this time. We want there to be purpose.

Sometimes (so many times), though, we do not get to know the why. That’s okay because the why is not ours to know. We are responsible for the HOW.

The HOW is what we do to come through the difficulty placed in front of us with grace and love and care.

The HOW looks at the people around us and searches for a way through that brings all of us out of the desert, together.

The HOW searches for the single lost sheep because we know that every life is immensely inherently valuable.

The HOW begins with each one of us and builds to a collective good (or not) depending on what we value.

Your How may look different than mine, but so long as we are holding our people (figuratively) around us, we will pull through this as one. We need each other. All of us. Fashion your HOW out of love and we will persevere, together.

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