what i want for christmas

In the past week, I’ve seen multiple warnings, encouraging me to shop early for Christmas (supply chain issues! labor shortages! buy now!) and I’m already tired.

Did we learn nothing from the past two years?

All I want is time with my people.

I want days of rest, hunkered down in cozy blankets, sipping from steaming cups of tea, friends by my side.
I want hikes and adventures with family as we laugh without ceasing.
I want face to face conversations and hugs and sarcastic remarks and side-eyes and all the things texting cannot express.
I want time.

Sure, Christmas is the ultimate gift-giving holiday, but maybe this year we focus our buying in places where it matters most.

Let’s shop locally.
Let’s intentionally spend our dollars in stores we would miss if they were gone.
Let’s not let our fear of scarcity guide our spending.
Let’s get creative with how we show our love.
Let’s really consider what our people want.

Sometimes the best gift of all is our presence and a cup of tea.

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