laws that divide

I posted a story on Instagram yesterday, which I decided was worth keeping. So here you go, short and sweet. I may write more later. I may not. Lots of voices are speaking on this issue, and I’m not sure I’m anxious to add my voice to the fray.

But if you’re interested in listening to one decidedly Catholic perspective on the new Texas law, click through to the Twitter link at the end of the post.

The Texas law is abhorrent.

Never in my entire study of Christianity have I seen a law that asks us to turn against our neighbor in order to bring people closer to God.

Our faith asks us to reach out and hold tightly to the hand of a stranger so that we may walk towards goodness and beauty together. Not to indiscriminately judge their actions and turn against them before even attempting to listen to their story.

We are a communal people.
God has made it clear that we enter heaven together, or not at all.
Enticing people to turn against one another is not the way.
Fear and division will never bring light.
Love is the only answer.

And now, for some thoughts from a Catholic perspective on this issue from Renée Darline Rodin https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1433572598714183686.html

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