remarkably unremarkable

I have almost an entire book written about how Mother Mary has shown up in remarkable ways in my life. I wrote it for me, I finished it for my grandma, and some small part of me hoped I could get it published in the future.

A few weeks ago, I picked it up to read and…it is utterly unremarkable. I barely made it past the first chapter before I was bored. There is no build-up, no defining moment, no rainbow following a traumatic flood. It is just a few stories about how God and Mary made my life better, which makes for a lovely life, but not a very sell-able story.

So, I was thinking, maybe you want to hear my stories right here, but in shorter snippets.

You already read my random present-day thoughts thrown together at the last minute, maybe you would also be interested in a few random past-day thoughts? (That could also use some editing, but I’m an OG blogger…you get what you get!)

What do you think? Are remarkably unremarkable stories about how Mary has shown up for me of interest, or shall we stick to the present-day randomness that this account already embodies?

I’m here for faith, fun, and community building, so let me know!

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