connected by hugs

Is it harder now than it has been?
It feels that way.

We have made it so far, but not without cost. Our teachers have had their entire career upended and this year is burning them out. Our health care workers have had to sacrifice individualized patient care for the good of the many and it breaks their hearts. Our parents of littles have not had a second alone since March and their patience is wearing thin. Our singles have not received a hug for nearly a year and their bodies are in pain. People have lost those they love and had to mourn alone. People have had to mourn every loss alone and this is breaking us.

I think it’s harder now because it feels like the end is near, that we’re coming close to recovering normal. Except we don’t even know what we want normal to be anymore, so even that light in the distance feels frightening.

One thing I know is that connection matters. Deep connection.

What we are feeling now, this anxiety and grief and pain? It was always there. We were just numbing it with the busy-ness of life.

This pandemic has emphasized our desperate need to truly know one another… to see and to be seen, fully and completely and with unending love.

We have always wanted this love. It is written on our hearts. So now is our time to be that love we so desire for others. And to let others be that love for us.

We are not alone.
We never have been.
God is here. Our friends are here. Our family is here. This is our moment to strengthen the ties that bind.

Settle in and make your list.
Who is it that you most want to hug but can’t right now?

Write down their names and then send them a note and ask them, truly, how they are doing. Give them the space to answer honestly, without judgement and without trying to fix their pain.

Stretch out your hand and offer your heart.

We need each other.
We can be love for each other.
All it takes is a note saying how much we care.

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