this is why

Books are my first love. The moment I realized precisely arranged words became beautiful stories was the first moment I walked home with books in my arms. They have never left. Never once have I left the house without a book by my side, just in case.

Books are what opened my eyes to a world that was bigger than my own. They introduced me to women I would never meet, cultures I would never experience, and lives I would never live, and through that introduction they taught me to see.

Books are the gift that showed me the world. They introduced me to the beautiful diversity we already are and they gave me hope for all that we can be.

Books are why I vote the way that I do. When I sit down at the kitchen table, ballot by my side, I remember all of the people’s stories I have heard and I vote with them. 

As a reader, I vote with the poor, with the neglected, and with those fleeing persecution. I vote with the black families who have inexplicably lost so much throughout our history. I vote with the librarians and the business owners and the dreamers. I vote with our first responders and those who are willing to sacrifice their lives to keep us safe. I vote with everybody who is seeking a world where we can live together in harmony, respecting the dignity of every single person.

As a Catholic, I vote with the voices of Jesus and Mary in my ear, reminding me that hospitality and love of God and others are the rules that guide our life. This year, that means I vote with Biden/Harris. This year, I believe they are the ticket that will listen and act as we tell our most important stories.

Please make a plan to vote. Democracy only works if all voices have an equal chance to be heard. Your voice matters. Your vote matters. Your story matters.

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