alone and catholic

My dear sweet Catholic friends. Come sit with me.

If you are feeling as I feel today, you are doubting that your voice even matters anymore.

A man who reinstated federal executions just received an award at a Catholic Prayer Breakfast (which, by the way, is not sponsored in any way by the church).

A man who sent thousands of unaccompanied children seeking asylum back to the very danger they were attempting to escape is being touted as the presidential nominee who most embodies Catholicism (which, by the way, encompasses more than a single issue).

People in the pews are denying racism even exists (it does) and that wearing masks is a farce (it’s not), completely ignoring the very groups on the margins we have been asked as a community to support.

I am heartbroken.

But friends, church teaching is with us, even if these self-proclaimed leaders are not.

Today, the Pope talked about subsidiarity, a basic tenet of Catholic Social Teaching. Subsidiarity is the idea that every voice is necessary for healing, especially those closest to the wound. We are the ones closest to the wound, as evidenced by our broken hearts, and our voices most certainly matter.

Speak up, pray often, and know you are not alone. God is with us.

1 thought on “alone and catholic”

  1. Thank you for this beautiful post. I love the Church, but feel like an outsider among so many of her members. It has been a truly brutal year. Reading this felt like being gently set into a comfortable chair among kindred spirits and given a warm hand to squeeze. ❤️️


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