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I’m beginning to think we are one of the last families in this country who is still strictly social distancing. Although frustrating to be in the minority, we’re in no particular hurry to rush back into the world and I suspect I know why. Our family is part of a group of voices who have remained relatively silent during these past few months and I think it’s time you hear our secret.

We love to be home, and this is the truth. You will find us happily puttering around our houses, enjoying the couch, sipping our perfectly brewed coffee, and wearing our most comfortable clothing. Many of us have been moving peacefully through these past few months, not because we don’t care or aren’t experiencing pain and loss, but because we’re finally able to settle in and breathe.

In the “normal” before COVID-19, we lived a life that was counter to our nature. We worked and shuttled kids to school and events. We went to the gym. We volunteered. We showed up at board meetings and school meetings and club meetings. We gathered with friends. We planned excursions to ensure quality family time amongst all the busy-ness. In short, we were never home. For a homebody, this life was exhausting and now I’m wondering why we felt compelled to live that way.

This pandemic has shown us what could be. We now know that being together for hours on end creates a genuine comfort with one another, encouraging conversations and tightening bonds. We know that home is what we make of it and that adventure can happen within our own walls. Sure, we miss some of the things we used to do, but not all of them. We have been given the gift of perspective and can finally identify the activities that matter most. More importantly, we know that this is not forever.

This is the secret homebodies are holding out as an offering, that as difficult as now may be, it is filled with the unexpected gift of home.

In just a few short months, we all will emerge from this pandemic, newly focused on what matters most. We may return to all that we were before but also we may not. These last few months are our opportunity to focus in and discover what, and who, we really miss. Once homebodies are called to emerge from their homes once again, we will embrace that day because we miss you. But we are okay staying away right now if it means keeping you safe, because one thing we have realized is that you are one of our treasures. We want the gift of you when this is over.

3 thoughts on “home body”

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I love home. The hardest part is not hugging my parents in five months now, not touching in any way. Very hard for affectionate people. I wish I could believe that in a few short months this will be behind us. I fear it’s over. Life as we know it is over. I don’t see how there is any acting out of anything other than fear. We’ve been conditioned to fear. It is the new American way. And that may kill us sooner than any virus. Normally I’m very optimistic. I’m losing that a little bit every day. I don’t see ius coming back. I don’t see how.


    1. Oh dear Bridget. Don’t lose hope! We have been here before, remember. Pandemics have happened throughout our history and we have persevered. If we focus in on what and who matters and keep God close, hope and love will always win over fear. Always. When Julian of Norwich promised all shall be well, she never promised it would be easy. We can do this! Love you!


  2. Holly, this won’t be long—I just want to let you know how much I LOVE you and your messages. This is just a stopgap to send you a major hug and a ton of love and to remind you how thankful I am for YOU and your family. I do think about you every day and start rt composing messages to you, but this old lady just plain doesn’t get much actually accomplished.

    you probably know your dad bought me a new computer—not a laptop a major piece of furniture!!!! It probably has a name, but right now I can’t think how to describe it except to say the screen is about 28/30” wide and 20 “ high and has a beautiful picture of Catalina Island on the screen and uses a newfangled mouse as part of the operation. I am s.l.ow.l.y adapting and learning to love it.

    Of course you know I love you…..Gma >


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