missing you and being holy

This week I miss my people more than ever.

Over the past few months, we have, together, lamented the loss of friendly faces and general fun to be had, but this week hit hard. I miss real conversations.

I miss being able to sit down with a trusted loved one over coffee and really talk about things that matter. I miss digging in deep with a friend, listening to their stories, and trying to solve the world’s problems. I miss communication beyond memes and 280 characters. This social media nonsense is not enough.

These last few days, I tried to stand with people on the margins by engaging on the socials, gently trying to break down stereotypes and tribalistic tropes, but I failed. Those efforts brought me only pain, leaving my heart heavy and killing my hope.

Yet, today is a new day and I trust that there are other ways to bring holiness to this world. There has to be. As Pope Francis says,

We are all called to be holy by living our lives with love and by bearing witness in everything we do, wherever we find ourselves.

Pope Francis, Gaudete et Exsultate, 14

We all have unique gifts to share in our daily life. One of my particular gifts to holiness is my insatiable quest for knowledge. I’m an investigator, so reading articles and listening to stories is how I become aware of the nuance in the conversation. My hope is that the truth of what I learn is made known by my actions, but it is hard to live that gift when you’re not with others. This stay-at-home time, for me, feels like my 40 days in the desert, a time of prayer and study before returning to a life of action.

But my gift is not your gift. I’ve seen so many out in the world right now acting and loving and speaking for justice. What about you? What gifts do you bring to the holiness that is your life? Feel free to get off the socials and comment on the blog for an opportunity for a more nuanced conversation. We need one another right now. I need you and I miss you.

Until then, let us pray together:

Jesus, break open hardened hearts.
Let the light shine through the cracks.
Remind us of your joy.
Remind us of your love.
Teach us how to act.
+ Amen

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