listen to life

The time for resolutions is now and I’m here for it.

I’m a year-round resolver. As the seasons change, I resolve to change my life along with them. Autumn brings bursts of productivity, winter a growing TBR book list, summer is my anti-resolution season, unless catching up on shows and writing for fun counts, and spring is for hiking, biking, and kombucha drinking. Year after year, each season arrives and I approach it, fresh-faced and ready with my lists to make life better.

There is something different about a New Years’ resolution, though. This is the resolution that society collectively decides truly matters. The resolutions made on December 31st are true RESOLUTIONS whereas that decision we made back in October to spend more time with our friends was just a choice.

The New Years’ resolution may get all the glory, but the seasonal resolutions are the ones that truly change our lives. These are the decisions that arise out of a recognized need, not just a lofty desire. That October decision to prioritize friends was made in the midst of loneliness. The daily morning yoga practice added last spring arose out of the need to heal bodily pain. Some other driving force enables these resolutions to stick and become habits. Simply wanting it is not enough.

What this means is that we must pay attention. Our bodies and our souls tell us what they need when they need it. We spend so much time pleasing others and checking tasks off our lists that we rarely pause to ask ourselves, what is it that I need right now? Do we need another resolution to add to a list or do we need something more fundamental?

Maybe the only resolution we need this year is to listen.

To listen to our bodies when they tell us they are hungry. To listen to our minds when they long for a break. To listen to our souls as they seek beauty in life. To listen to the Holy Spirit as she guides us in her flight of the bumblebee way, taking us on journeys while weaving beautiful patterns in the sky.

Listening can be hard, especially if we’re out of practice, but never once have I regretted pausing to take a breath and just listen.

My sweet sister gifted me with the Come Holy Spirit print in the featured image. If you want to join me in a more intentional Holy Spirit listening year and like a visual reminder of your resolution, these beautiful prints are on sale at Erica’s shop at http://beaheart.com

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