reads of the week 6/21/19

Welcome to reads of the week! As interesting articles arise, I’ll share them with you in an effort to give you a peek into the Catholic news as I see it.

New migrant shelter close to completion in Nogales, Sonora: Kino Border Initiative has almost completed work on its new space. During my last visit, we served two meals back-to-back to get through the migrants needing food and compassion. So excited to have been a part of raising the funds and grateful to have met the people doing this amazing work of love at the border.

Archdiocese pulls ‘Catholic’ label from Jesuit school for refusing to fire teacher in same-sex marriage: This was big news on Thursday. A Jesuit school in Indianapolis chose to stand by their teacher who was not married Sacramentally within the church because he is gay. The Diocese is trying to strip the school of its Catholic status.

In light of this week’s news from Pope Francis regarding the possibility of married priests in “far, far away places” from Crux: Cardinal Kasper says Francis will allow married priests, if bishops request it, this article on The hopes and challenges of priestly celibacy today seems particularly relevant.

Not an article, but I am in love with the prints found at themodernsaints.com. Our homes reveal who we are and I’ve been trying to discover beautiful ways to incorporate my faith into the decor, but, to be honest, is it downright difficult to find beautiful Catholic art that is not stuck in previous decades. These, though, make me swoon.

And, lastly, meet a sweet Catholic designer who will fill your home with beauty: Erica at beaheart.com. Our walls are adorned with two of her large prints of common Catholic prayers. Love them. And the reminder to pray, of course. Most recently, I gave a dear friend a swaddle covered with a print of Our Lady of Guadalupe for her soon to be coming baby. Can’t you just imagine the extra peace that comes from wrapping your baby in the arms of Mary?

As we do in all things, we’ll end with prayer, found somewhere within the richness of the Catholic tradition.

This week, I was digging into Gaudium et Spes and ran across these words, which seem instrumental to remember at this time and always.

23. One of the salient features of the modern world is the growing interdependence of men one on the other, a development promoted chiefly by modern technical advances. Nevertheless brotherly dialogue among men does not reach its perfection on the level of technical progress, but on the deeper level of interpersonal relationships. These demand a mutual respect for the full spiritual dignity of the person. Christian revelation contributes greatly to the promotion of this communion between persons, and at the same time leads us to a deeper understanding of the laws of social life which the Creator has written into man’s moral and spiritual nature.

Gaudium et Spes

Come Holy Spirit, Amen.

love, Holly

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