happy hug day

This is the year I turn 45. I was going to plan a big party with friends, because 45 is kind of a big number. But then I remembered I don’t really like planning things and I don’t really like being the person people are coming to see, so, no party. Happy 45 to me!

There is something I would like, though, if I still can request a gift without a party.

I want hugs. Not the hop in the car, show up at my front door, arms outstretched hugs, because, boundaries, you know.

Instead, I want the type of hugs my youngest gives me. The type of hugs that stay tight until I decide to let go. The hugs that say, I love you dearly and I won’t let go until you know that love is true.

But I don’t want those hugs for me. I want those hugs for you. And I want those hugs for those you love. So, today, on my big 45 day, I’m hoping that 45 of you will find the person closest to you who needs exactly this type of hug — the I love you forever and I’m not letting go type of hug.

Go find somebody. Give them a hug. Happy 45 Hugs Day.

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