put down your worries and walk

Our family is getting off the grid.

ha. Ha. HA!

Do you hear the boys screaming in the background?

What we are continuing, though, is our commitment to keeping our extras light. We’re staying off the highways and holding as tightly as possible to the slow lane of life.

Last year, we slowed way down when it came to activities, and although it was difficult at first, we discovered something amazing and necessary. Our family had time to breathe again. Once we found that breath, we wondered how we had ever lived without it. We ate dinners together, sat on couches together, and were generally just together as each day came to a close.

On some of those days, one or the other of us would call out, “anybody want to go for a walk?” and three other bodies would pop up, put our shoes on, and head out the front door.

It was good to get out into the fresh air. It was good to get our bodies moving just a bit before the day came to a close. The walking was wonderful, but the talking was the pleasant surprise. Our non-talkers actually began to talk while walking by our side. We learned about the intricacies of fortnight, what books they were reading, the typical kid drama, and what was generally on our kids’ minds as we made our way down sidewalk after sidewalk, looping around the neighborhood and back home.

Our kids are still busy. We haven’t dropped everything. But we do have time for walks and to breathe, and for that, I am forever grateful.


1 thought on “put down your worries and walk”

  1. I’m so excited that you shared this! I too have a blog: bridgetoneillblog on WordPress: significantly more secular, but writing helps me gain all sorts of perspective. I’ll be coming here to stay connected to you, Holly! Thank you for sharing your journey!


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